Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Craft Units are on the site?
A. A lot of our phone calls are about the craft units and it is important to note that they are independent from us. Whilst they share the site with us we do not endorse them or have any control over who rents the units. Please contact them individually for more information: You can also visit their Facebook page here. To enquire about becoming a tenant on site, please contact

Q. Can we use debt and credit cards to pay for drinks at the bar?

A. The bar runs on a cash only basis however, card facilities may be arranged with the bar manager with prior agreement. We are currently in the middle of switching to a mobile bar service.

Q. Where can our guests smoke?
A There are 2 designated smoking areas. One is at the front of the main hall where the double exit doors are. The other is round the back of the building near the double doors.

Q. Why do I have to pay a deposit? Is it returnable?

A. When you make a booking with us, we will hold it for 48 hours until you make payment, allowing you to make a decision and finalise your plans ahead of time. Your invoice will be sent to you on booking so you will have all the details you need to make payment of £50 (or the full amount if the total is less the £50). This deposit is used to hold the booking for you, with the remainder payable a month before your event. Your invoice is also likely to contain a damage deposit in case anything is broken at your event. As long as everything is left clean, in good condition and the terms and conditions have been followed, this will be returned to you within 10 days.

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?
A. The Association holds a premises licence, and employs a trusted company to run the bar on their behalf. To protect the licence the Association rarely gives permission to bring your own alcohol, and instead provide a fully stocked and staffed bar for a modest fee. The Association accepts that a toasting drink i.e. champagne is often required for events held here, and will usually give permission for that, but it must be given in writing. The bar manager will charge a customary small corkage fee per bottle.

Q What is included in the hire?
A. For the Main Hall and Four Lanes Room, you have access to plenty of tables and chairs. Each room has its own supply. The kitchen is for use by both halls if occupied. It is quite a large kitchen, and has plenty of mugs and tea urns for both halls. There is a microwave, fridge, freezer and cooker with oven to use. There are hatches which open to the Main Hall and Four Lanes Room so they can both be served from a hatch if required. There is free parking on site and disabled toilet facilities.

Q Where are the chairs and tables kept?
A. The Main Hall has a large store cupboard by the piano in the corner of the hall. The Four Lanes Room has a cupboard with lots of tables in, in the first cupboard on the left. All the chairs are stacked in groups of 6 along the wall. The Conference Room has chairs all around the table and a few extra stacked in the corner. The Osborne Room has chairs and tables in the kitchen area.

Q. Do I have to clean up after my hire?
A. Yes you do. The room you hire must be left swept and tidy. There are brooms and mops in the kitchen and you must take your rubbish out to the bin store. The bin store can be accessed through the double doors outside the kitchen. It is round the back of the centre, with a wooden fence around it. Please place all your rubbish IN the bin, and not left on the floor. Similarly please make sure there is no rubbish or glasses left out at the front of the building. If the Association finds it must employ the cleaners to clear up after your hire, you will be charged for it.

Q. Do I need any keys to get in? Who locks up?
A. Our caretaker will come and unlock the entrance at the start of your hire time, and will let you into your room. The digi locks do have codes and are changed regularly. A caretaker will also lock up after you, but to help us maintain security, please engage the digi lock if you leave before she/he arrives. We also have an access control system for our regular hirers so they can access the facility once we have unlocked the main doors.

Q. Can we use the large field out the back?
A. The field we call the paddock, is owned by the council. If you wish to use it please call us for the contact details for the council property department. We do not provide electricity hook up if you use the paddock on its own and do not ‘rent’ out the toilet block. The Osborne room is located in front of the paddock and if hired you can use it as a base.

Q. Can I have a bouncy castle?
A The main hall will fit in a children’s bouncy castle and many of our hirers have them. All hirers must find a reputable company which has insurance and the castle should never be left unattended. Any such activity is your responsibility. We also have our own bouncy castle that is for use by children only up to a height of 1.3m. It is 15ft x 12 ft and £50 to hire.

Q. Can I have a smoke machine?
A. Unfortunately not. The new fire alarms are very sensitive and detect heat as well as smoke. Smoke machines will set off the alarms and the kitchen and barhatches will automatically close. When the alarm is re set, they will open after 10 minutes. It causes a lot of disruption and we therefore say no to smoke machines

Q. How many people can you fit in the Main Hall?
A. The main hall fits 200 people standing, but if all your guests are sat at tables, it is nearer to 150, as recommended by health and safety guidelines.

Q. How many people can the Four Lanes Room hold?
A. It can hold a maximum of 100 people standing, but if using chairs and tables, health and safety guidelines recommend no more than 60.

Q. Will there be any Association staff on hand?
A. Not always. There is a contact number on the main and office door should you require assistance when the centre office is closed. If you do need help –do not hesitate to contact them.

Q. When are your opening hours?

A. The office is manned from Monday to Friday 9am until 3pm. The halls can be hired from 9am until midnight. We can extend the hire time 12 times a year to 1pm – but there is an extra fee involved as we have to employ someone to lock up for us as this later time.

Q. Do you have any green space outside?
A. Unfortunately not.

Q. I just need a meeting room; do you have any smaller rooms?
A. Yes, we have a small space named the Seamour Room, which has comfortable chairs and a large meeting room table. There is a white board and an A3 pad stand for your use. You may bring a projector with you and there is a kitchenette with a kettle and lots of mugs, glasses and a small urn. It also has a flat screen for use in meetings or training.

Q When do I have to pay for my hire? What methods of payment do you accept?
A. The deposit is required when placing the booking and the rest is paid no later than 4 weeks in advance of you hire date. You are welcome to pay the whole balance on booking if you prefer to get it out the way. We accept bank transfers, online card payments, card payments over the phone or cash. We encourage bank transfers as they do not involve as much administration or charges to the association.

If the answer to your question is not here, please consider contacting us.  For information please see the Contact Us page.