Basingstoke and District Model Engineering Society
The Basingstoke and District Model Engineering Society was founded by a small group of people over 30 years ago who enjoyed building, running and maintaining model machinery and engines.
They established a model engineering club at the Viables Craft Centre in Basingstoke and built track and road facilities for model locomotives and traction engines to run on. However, all aspects of the model engineering hobby are practised and supported by the society.
Since its founding, interest and membership has grown. The club and its facilities, still based on the original site, have flourished. They now offer a 1000 foot long passenger-carrying railway complete with station and tunnel and a scenic traction engine track. The trains can be riden by the public on some weekends, please see their website for more information.

The club continues to provide friendly support and fellowship for its members to develop and pursue their interests in model engineering and thus make their contribution to the preservation of key aspects of Britain's industrial history in miniature.

Check out their website at The Basingstoke & District Model Engineering Society can be contacted through Brian Hogg on 01420 543581, or email on