Basingstoke Community Wardrobe

Basingstoke Community Wardrobe

Welcome to the home of the Basingstoke Community Wardrobe!

Come along and grab some bargains for both next year and for this winter period. There has never been a better time to grab some warm bargains! Free entry - come and have a good browse and shop!

Our Aims:

  • reduce waste
  • reuse
  • keep clothing affordable
  • bring some community spirit!

How does it work?

You may do one or more of the following:

  • donate clothing that is in good clean condiition (no tears or stains please)
  • Swap a like for like item from the wardrobe with one of your own
  • Make a small payment/donation for items from the wardrobe
  • Bag a Bargain - this is where you can fill one of our bags for a flat payment of £10

If you are swapping like for like there is no charge. If you would like to take but are unable to donate clothing, our SUGGESTED pricing is as follows:

  • Baby items - (sleepsuits, vests, booties, bibs etc) 50p each
  • Children's clothing - tshirts, leggings, shorts, etc - £1 each
  • Children's clothing - jumpers, jogging bottoms, heavier items £2 each
  • Adult clothing - £1.50 - £4 depending on weight and quality (e.g. t-shirts up to heavy jumpers/trousers)
  • Jackets/Coats £5 unless priced separately
  • Shoes - £2 - £5
  • Bags - Starting at £1
  • Bag a Bargain - fill one of our bags for £5

Our opening times are Monday to Friday 10-12. However, we would love to have an evening or occasional weekend opening. If you are able to support that, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently focusing on Prom dresses and suits for those of you who have not yet purchased one. We are popping up at various Secondary schools but also have our selection available at the centre.

01256 410605 or 01256 473634

Basingstoke Community Wardrobe Facebook Page

If you would like to make any donations of clothing, we do ask that they are clean and in good condition please.

Many thanks as always for your support.