Memory Club

Welcome to Viables Memory Club, the original Basingstoke based place for those living with dementia, and still one of the largest and most popular in Hampshire.


The Viables Memory Club is a weekly facility which provides people with dementia the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities that will encourage and engage thought processes and activate physical movement for greater health and wellbeing. It offers carers and families a little respite when their loved one uses the service and creates a routine for members to follow, adding consistency and stability.


Each week, activities are planned to offer variety and enjoyment for all our members, taking a person-centred approach to their care and their likes and dislikes as much as we can.


All our volunteers are offered training at varying levels and we have, in previous years, been providers of RSPH level 2 Understanding Dementia, offering the training to other organisations and businesses such a Bluebird Care.


Emma Cameron, who had been with us since just after the club opened in November 2014, has handed over the management of the club to Helene O’Connor, a longstanding volunteer for the club, and Sarah Gaunt.


Meet the Team…


Helene O’Connor

Memory Club Activities Coordinator


Sarah Gaunt 
Memory Club Activities Coordinator

(Photo to follow!)


Luan Squire

Centre Manager


Debbie Soto

(photo to follow!)

Assistant Centre Manager and probably the first person you will see as you enter our building for the club. Any one of our staff or volunteers are happy to help answer any questions you may have.


We have an amazing team of volunteers who support the Memory Club. We are always happy to welcome more, so if you are interested in helping at the club, please feel free to drop us a call or email using the details at the bottom of the page.



Mornings 10.30 - 12.30

Lunch 12.30 - 13.00
Afternoons 13.00 - 15.00

Afternoons 13.00 - 15.00

Sessions are currently just £7 per person. Prices are reviewed annually.

Lunches are also provided for those who wish to stay. These are provided by the Café Project, another local charity organisation, and this therefore means we can offer a hot meal. This is charged at £4.50. 

One of our resources that we are able to make use of with our members is our Tovertafel! It is an interactive projector that brings a surface to life by allowing those using it to explore cause and effect as well as collaborate and get real enjoyment from the activities.

Tovertafel image

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, we purchased the Tovertafel so it would directly benefit those attending our Memory Club, as well as other targeted user groups.

Award from Big Lottery Community Fund

This is one of many great resources that we have here to enable our attendees to enjoy and participate in activities with others in a bid to reduce isolation, maintain some independence and gain enjoyment.

Carers' Sessions at the Roger Morris Community Centre

We also provide a Carers' session once a month on a Monday afternoon. Thesre are a great way to meet other families going through the same thing so that you can share experiences, gain support, ask questions and form friendships that may feel very much needed. These sessions are run at the Roger Morris Community Centre.

If you would like to join the Memory Club, or you would be interested in volunteering for the Memory Club, please contact us.

Helene – Memory Club line 07564 349802 (for members or carers who may need to speak to Helene/Sarah directly)

Office (Debbie or Luan) 01256 473634