Qi Gong in Basingstoke

Qigong in Basingstoke

Come along to Foundational Qigong classes for health and wellbeing at Viables Basingstoke


Classes now available in Qigong in Basingstoke at the Roger Morris Centre on Fridays 11:30-12:30. These Foundational qigong classes comprise a number of gentle exercises from an ancient Chinese tradition, which you’ll find have direct relevance to the stresses and health concerns of today, and which almost anyone can do, whatever your current state of health and physical capacity.

You are welcome to join the Qigong classes at any time, no experience is necessary, and your first class is free, so you can try it and see if Qigong is for you. Depending on your individual capability, Qigong can be done either standing or sitting. The intention in Qigong is to de-stress your system. We work with getting your mind into your body, so you can feel what is right for you and your system.

Qigong is the opposite of most western exercise systems – it will never push you and cause you to stress yourself more! Often thought to be more accessible than Tai Chi, which originated as a martial art and pre-dating Tai Chi by a few thousand years, Qigong works with your body, your mind and your energy. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss before coming to your first Qigong class, please email Qigong in Basingstoke or phone 07309 687567

What will I learn at Qigong?

Foundational Qigong focuses on exercises to help you relax and let go. These will include:

  • Breathing for health and relaxation
  • Standing and sitting alignments to improve the flow of blood and chi in the body
  • Circularity - the basis for almost everything in the internal arts

Benefits of Qigong include:

  • Gentle movements almost anyone can do sitting or standing
  • Relaxing your mind and body
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving your posture, balance and co-ordination


A bit about me:

I’m Beth and I’ve been training in Qigong since 2016. I’ve derived enormous benefits from my own practice, so wanting to share Qigong and its benefits, I decided to train as a teacher. This year, I attended a teacher training seminar with Senior Energy Arts Instructor, Paul Cavel, and I’m now certified as a Provisional Instructor of Foundational Qigong Level 1.

I have also trained in Aikido in Reading, my primary instructor now teaching martial arts in Knighton at Whitton Aikido and Qigong in Craven Arms Shropshire.

After your free taster session, the Qigong classes cost £5 per class.

Come along to a free Qigong taster class to find out more.